No Bullshit is the joint venture of Sophie and Aaron, a Scottish Lass and Aussie Bloke respectively. We share interests in photography, food and over-analysing current culture.

Who Are We?

Since meeting in Adelaide, Australia in 2015, we’ve lived together in both Oz and Scotland. Currently we reside “down under”.

After finding ourselves working in the wrong industries we decided to change what we were doing.

With a lot of travel, much discussion and meeting some amazing people, we decided to write stories and make films about the things we are passionate about. That’s what no bullshit is. 

What Are We Passionate About?

Well if you’ve made it this far you’ll know we like food, photography and telling it how it is.

Going deeper than that, our passion is discovering what goes into the things we consume and trying to make them ourselves. Ideally, completely from scratch and without the bullshit.

When it comes to photography, we love experimenting with 35mm and Medium format film. There was a time when photos captured a moment, no editing, no second shots. That’s what we want to recreate.

Contact Us

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